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Kids and Teens

Private language tutoring



Private Tutoring

Incredible things happen for children when they learn a foreign language. Their confidence can increase, cognitive abilities can improve, and it’s a great way to help them develop their social skills.


One-on-one tutoring with a Convo instructor helps students become global citizens, building compassion through understanding of the language, values, traditions and customs of others.

One-on-one tutoring

Our tutors are highly trained, fluent native speakers who are dedicated to working with children. Our instructor will work one-on-one with your child to build critical speaking and listening skills, using a conversational approach and age-appropriate materials to engage them. With the instructor’s undivided attention, the Convo Kids & Teens Private Tutoring program is designed to focus on your child’s individual needs.

Our foreign language tutoring program includes:

  • Private language tutoring for kids aged 4–17

  • Tailored programs based on skill level, goals and timeframe

  • Four 1-hour, face-to-face sessions with an instructor at one of our Convo Learning Centers

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