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Private language classes



Private Language Classes

Our private language courses allow you to learn comfortably in a one-on-one setting. One of our expert instructors will sit with you and develop a personally tailored study plan that suits your objectives and timeframe. You can learn at your own pace and practice speaking your new language with a dedicated teacher.

Lessons are catered to your schedule and learning style, so no matter how many classes you take per week, you'll be on your way to fluency in your new language from day one. Plus, our English, Chinese, Korean, and French language classes offer unlimited access to CyberTeachers—our online, self-study platform—to supplement your in-class learning.

Private language lessons are for those who:

  • Prefer personalized instruction

  • Like to learn at your own pace—you decide how fast or slow to take this course

  • Want maximum opportunities to speak and practice your new language

We offer three types of Private language classes, to cater to different needs:

Standard Private Instruction

Convo Private Instruction is a highly flexible language learning program, customized exclusively to your needs and set at a pace designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Your Convo Instructor will develop a personalized learning plan specifically designed to meet your objectives and time frame.


Progress at your own comfortable speed to help ensure your studies are useful and relevant to your goals. This program includes 31.5 hours of instruction to be completed in 90 days.


Express Private Instruction


Convo Private Instruction Express is very similar to Standard Convo Private Instruction, however is a more intensive program that covers the same amount of content but in 30 days instead of 90. This program still includes 31.5 hours of instruction. It is the perfect program for individuals that want to learn a language quickly but require personalised support.

Start and Save Private Instruction


Convo Private Instruction Start and Save is for those who would like to enrol on a monthly basis, in order to manage their budget over time. This program runs over 4 weeks, with 12 hours to be completed. Content in this program is similar to our other private programs and you still receive personalised support, but with added flexibility on timings.

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